The author of the blog post 'Why Do I love Thailand?' sitting at one of the beaches of the Thai island Koh Phangan with a happy smile on her face, adding a personal touch to this blog post.

Why Do I Love Thailand?Why Do I Love Thailand?

Why Do I Love Thailand?

Why Do I Love Thailand?

If you’ve read some of my blog posts before, then you’ve probably noticed that I’m very fond of the beautiful Asian kingdom of Thailand. You may have wondered what it is about Thailand that has absolutely captured my heart. In this blog post you get a detailed answer to exactly this question! So, sit comfortably in your armchairs while you get to know all the reasons why Thailand is not only the country I call My Asian Home, but also one of the favorite destinations for travellers from all over the world.

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According to statistical data, the number of international tourists who visited Thailand during the entire year of 2023 is 28 million, while in 2019 this number reached the figure of 38 million

With so many people from all over the world choosing Thailand as their travel destination, there must be good reasons why this is so! In the following lines of this text, you will get acquainted with the most outstanding charms with which Thailand captivates its visitors.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Beautiful sunset on the Thai island Koh Phangan. The sky is covered with beautiful red colours above the surface of the sea, which reflects the red shades of the sky. This image is part of the blog post 'Why Do I Love Thailand?’.

In the picture: A beautiful sunset above the sea of the Thai island Koh Phangan

Easy Process of Obtaining a Thailand Visa

Let me say right away that I would prefer not to even need a visa for Thailand. However, I am aware that controlling the entry of foreigners into a country ensures the security of the economy and the general safety of a country in today’s circumstances. So, if a visa to enter Thailand is necessary, I am grateful that the process of obtaining a Thailand visa is quite transparent and easy. This way, at least in my experience, getting a tourist visa for Thailand is stress-free. 

We can only hope that one day a permanent residence visa for online entrepreneurs will be made possible. Such a gesture by the Thai government would certainly be a dream-come-true for all digital nomads who love to live in Thailand, like me.

Find out how to apply for a Thailand tourist visa in THIS BLOG POST.

Comfortable Flights to Thailand

Personally, so far I have traveled to Thailand either via Dubai or Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), or via Doha, Qatar. Thus, I traveled either with one of the three following airline companies: Emirates, or Etihad Airways, or Qatar Airways. In the aircrafts of all three of these companies, passengers get maximum comfort throughout the flight, with friendly staff at their service.

Airplanes of three airline companies that offer flights to Thailand: 'Emirates', 'Etihad Airways' and 'Qatar Airways’.

In the picture: Planes of three airline companies that fly to Thailand: Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Are Allowed on Flights to and from Thailand

Since I have been eating a diet of exclusively fresh fruits and vegetables since 2012, it means a lot to me that I am allowed to bring my fresh fruits and vegetable meals in my hand luggage on the flight. 

Until now, that is until 2024 when I am writing this blog post, every time I traveled to Thailand, and every time on my returning from Thailand, I carried my bag with fresh fruits and vegetables as part of my carry-on without the slightest problem. 

I would usually take a few food items like tangerines / bananas / dates / persimmons / cucumber / lettuce on my trip to Thailand. And on my return flight from Thailand, I would typically bring apple bananas (a tropical type of banana) / papaya or pineapple (chopped and neatly packed in a food box) / tangerines / cucumber / lettuce. Each time I was allowed to board on the plane with my bag full of fresh fruits and vegetables without any complaint. It is just important that all food is in solid form, not in liquid form.

This feature is a big relief for everyone who prefers to skip airplane food and consume fresh fruits and vegetables on the flight. Although the same is the case with most of the countries I have personally traveled to so far, there are some exemptions. Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Hawaii for example, have a strict law on this matter that restricts import and export of fresh fruits and veggies in a major way. 

I have to digress here, with a note that you should always double check before your trip, what is the policy of fresh produce import and export to and from Thailand for a given year.

The author of the blog post 'Why Do I love Thailand' eating persimmons on the flight to Thailand. With this picture, the author shows how she brought fresh fruit in her personal luggage on the flight to Thailand.

In the picture: Me with persimmons that I brought in my carry-on on a flight to Thailand

The author of the blog post 'Why Do I love Thailand' eating papaya on her flight from Thailand. With this picture, the author shows how she brought fresh fruit in her personal luggage on the flight from Thailand.

In the picture: Me with papaya that I brought in my carry-on on a flight from Thailand

Modern International Airport in Bangkok

There are two airports in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. One is the main international airport, named Suvarnabhumi (BKK), and the other airport, named Don Mueang (DMK), is an airport that is focused more on low-cost company flights. 

Both airports cater to both domestic and international flights, with Suvarnabhumi focused on overseas flights and Don Mueang focused on shorter flights within Thailand and neighbouring countries. 

Suvarnabhumi Airport is a modern, very nice airport at which you get a pleasant stay while waiting for your flight. Interesting technological ammenities that can be seen at this airport are, for example, a toilet seat with functions of massage, drying and self-cleaning of the seat, as well as a robot vacuum cleaner that politely asks you, in two languages – English and Thai, to move aside if it detects you standing in front of it! Also, it is nice that each suitcase at check-in is placed in an individual protective case.

Toilet seat and vacuum cleaner at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

In the picture: A toilet seat and robot vacuum-cleaner at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand

Well Organised Transportation in Thailand

In Thailand, you have at your disposal a fairly well-organised transport through different modes of transportation: Uber, Grab, taxi, songtao, tuk-tuk. Please note that Uber and Grab vehicles are not allowed to enter the airport zones. So expect to take either a taxi or songatao or tuk-tuk for your transportation from the airport to your accommodation.

In Bangkok, you have at your disposal both underground and overground trains, as well as buses.

Check out a detailed description of all transportation services in Thailand in THIS BLOG POST.

Kindness and Hospitality United for Your Pleasant Stay

In Thailand, you get the opportunity to stay in one of the many, beautifully designed accommodation facilities that are very pleasant to stay in. Thai people are generally friendly hosts who maintain a high standard of cleanliness and neatness in their accommodations. 

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Safety in Thailand

Over the years I have spent many months in Thailand. In particular, I spent almost all that time in the city of Chiang Mai and on the island Koh Phangan. I spent only a few days in Bangkok, and about 10 days in the city of Rayong. So my experience with safety is based on the two places where I spent the most time in Thailand.

So far (knock the wood), from my personal experience, Thailand is an extremely safe country! There have been occasions when I have walked or cycled back to my accommodation alone at very late hours and never had the slightest reason to feel that my safety was at risk. I always feel absolutely SAFE in Thailand! And I sincerely hope that you will feel and experience the same on your trip to Thailand.

Affordable Prices of Everyday Life in Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand is generally quite affordable. Of course, prices are extremely relative and your perception of the prices of products and services in Thailand depends on the prices you are used to where you live.

More elite places to live in the world, such as Dubai, Hawaii, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and other similar countries and places, typically dictate high prices for almost all products and services. Compared to those places, Thailand turns out to be a very favorable place to live.

Logically, if the cost of living in Thailand is compared with the cost of living in countries that have a less developed economy, and thus a lower standard of living, the prices in Thailand turn out to be higher.

In general, you get high quality products and services at reasonable prices in Thailand. Keep in mind that prices on tropical islands are typically slightly higher than prices for the same products and services on the mainland. This case applies to most islands in the world, because the cost of transporting material to the island is also included in the price.

Find out how much it costs to live in Thailand for a month in THIS BLOG POST.

Free Outdoor Gyms in Thailand

In Chiang Mai, for example, the culture of fitness is extremely prevalent. Thus, running trails and recreation parks are usually full of locals who are fitness oriented.

On the other hand, while local Thai people on tropical islands (at least from my personal observation) are not that interested in fitness, there are private gyms on the islands, as well as yoga studios, extremely well equiped and beautifully designed, full of foreigners who like to keep themselves fit.

There are also free outdoor gyms set up in parks or on beaches. Personally, I like to visit these gyms regularly and enjoy exercising in the fresh air and with a view of beautiful natural landscapes. 

Discover free outdoor gyms in various places in Thailand in THIS BLOG POST.

Interesting Thai Customs

The most prominent Thai custom is probably the one used every day, which is the Wai greeting. Personally, I believe that this way of greeting is far more practical and hygienic compared to shaking hands. 

Learn about other Thai customs in THIS BLOG POST.

Exciting Thai Festivals

Thai people love to celebrate nature, the beauty of flowers, belief in the power of water to purify body and spirit, dragons, dance and music. Personally, my favorite festivals are Chiang Mai Flower Festival and of course Songkran – the biggest and most important Thai festival through which the old year is said goodbye and the Thai New Year is welcomed with using water as a means of washing away old energy.

The focus on nature and the festival celebration by using props from nature like flowers and water are additional features of Thailand that make me love this Asian kingdom.

Beautiful Nature of Thailand

Whether you head out to explore temples, waterfalls, mountains, botanical gardens and lakes on the mainland of Thailand, or the sandy beaches of Thailand’s tropical islands, you will be enchanted by the beautiful nature of the Land of Smiles. There is something for every taste – many beautiful places worth visiting, as well as exciting activities that spice up every trip and stay in Thailand.

And of course, the sunsets are enchanting in themselves and should definitely be included in the itinerary.

Find out which are the must-visit places in Thailand in THIS BLOG POST.

In the picture: 
Me watching a beautiful sunset on the Thai island Koh Phangan, April 2024

Warm Seas in Thailand

The coast of Thailand, together with the Thailand’s tropical islands, stretches to the west, south and east. Thus, two different seas splash Thai beaches: the South China Sea in the east and south, and the Andaman Sea in the west. As both seas are enclosed seas, i.e. surrounded by bays, the waters of these seas are extremely warm. The average temperature of both seas ranges from 27 to 31 degrees C / 80 to 99 degrees C, depending on the place and time of year.

Personally, as I love to swim in warm seas, I place this convenience in Thailand up on a scale.  

Find out which are the most beautiful beaches in Thailand in THIS BLOG POST.

Subtropical and Tropical Climate of Thailand

The land of Thailand enjoys sunny and warm weather for most of the year, but also heavy and frequent rains during the rainy season.

A subtropical climate prevails in the north of Thailand, and a tropical climate in the south of Thailand. Different parts of Thailand have different climates, so it’s worth knowing when it’s good to visit different parts of Thailand to get the most out of your trip. 

Learn when is the best time to visit Thailand according to the weather in THIS BLOG POST.

Top Quality Fruits and Vegetables of Thailand

The fertile soil of Thailand is well soaked during the rainy season and generously sunned throughout the year. These climatic conditions, coupled with fertile soil, provide perfect conditions for lush vegetation that produces fruits of superior quality. This explanation also gives us the answer to the question of why fresh fruits and vegetables grow in abundance in Thailand and why the fresh produce is so intensely delicious.

The government of Thailand places great emphasis on agriculture through various practices and systems, most notably through the entire so-called Royal Project, an organic crop production system.    

Get to know about some of Thailand’s tastiest fruits in THIS BLOG POST.

1-minute video: 'Why Do I Love Thailand?'

Conclusion: Many Reasons to Love Thailand

Now that you know all my reasons for loving that beautiful kingdom in Southeast Asia called Thailand, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below this blog post: Do you have any reasons to love, or perhaps don’t love, Thailand ? Leave your answers in the comment box below.

I hope this article was useful to you. Thank you for stepping by on my website. 

If you have any further comments or questions, please free to leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to reply!

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