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I am an avid world traveler who has spent every European winter somewhere in the tropics or in the Middle East starting the winter 2013. 

Most often it was Thailand, the beautiful kingdom in East Asia that I like to call My Asian Home.

I hope my blog about traveling to Thailand will be your valuable and helpful resource for your Thai trip.

For your magical Thai adventures, 
Marina from Travel to Thailand Tips

Brief Tropical Travel Biography

In 2013, Marina went to Costa Rica to spend the winter in the tropics for the first time.

After that first winter in the tropics, Marina decided to spend every winter in the tropics. In the following years she regularly fulfilled her decision by spending European winters in various tropical countries:


  • 2013 – Costa Rica


  • 2014 – Thailand (Chiang Mai + Rayong)


  • 2015 – Malaysia (Kuching + Ranchan, Borneo)
    Indonesia (Ubud + Kerobokan, Bali)
  • 2016 – Thailand (Chiang Mai + Koh Phangan)
    the Philipines (Davao + Samal)

  • 2017 – Thailand (Chiang Mai + Koh Phangan)


  • 2018 – Thailand (Chiang Mai + Koh Phangan)


  • 2019 – Thailand (Chiang Mai) + Malaysia (Kudat, Borneo)

  • 2020 – Malaysia (Kudat, Borneo)


  • 2021 – UAE (Dubai Marina) (not a tropical country, but Middle East)

  • 2022 – UAE (Dubai Marina)
    Costa Rica

  • 2023 – Thailand (Chiang Mai + Koh Phangan)

  • August 2023 – Singapore + Bali

Marina perceives Thailand as her Asian home and is always delighted by the new beautiful places she discovers. But above all she loves to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and joyful spirit that reign in the Land of Smiles.

Welcome to the Land of Smiles