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Avoid these Flight Booking MistakesAvoid these Flight Booking Mistakes

Avoid these Flight Booking Mistakes

The Most Common Flight & Transportation Booking Mistakes

Travels are exciting and beautiful experiences. Discovering new places, getting to know new cultures, creating lasting memories and unforgettable moments. These are all the best aspects of every trip. However… to make such a trip easy and stress-free, it is crucial to organise the whole trip correctly.

Unfortunately, it often happens that when travelers are still inexperienced in booking flights and transportation, they often make mistakes that put them in uncomfortable situations. Fortunately, all these mistakes can be easily avoided. You will learn how in this blog post.

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Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Flight or Transportation Date

First and foremost: it is very important that you carefully check whether you have selected the correct DATE of your departure flight or other transportation, as well as the date of your arrival flight or other transportation. This is important so that you can select the correct date of your connecting flight or transport.

Example: You want to go to the Thai island of Phangan (Koh Phangan). First you book the main flight to Bangkok, then you book the local taxi, flight and ferry from Bangkok to the island.

Let’s say you want to go from Europe to Bangkok on the 19th of March. And let’s say your flight takes 13 hours. Taking into account the 6-hour time difference between Europe and Thailand, you will most likely arrive in Thailand the next day, that is on the 20th of March.

Thus, you should book the consecutive transportation for the 20th of March, not for the 19th of March

Please note that the example shown is just one example of flights. It is essential that you check the arrival date of your chosen flight from Europe to Bangkok well in order to select the correct dates for your situation.

Mistake 2: Confusing the Time Abbreviations 'A.M.' and 'P.M.'

It often happens that travelers do not pay close attention or simply confuse the meaning of the time abbreviations A.M. and P.M. Don’t worry, in front of you is help, with which you will easily remember the difference. Save the image below to your phone or laptop so you always have a reminder of the difference between these abbreviations!

An explanatory image that clearly shows what is the difference between A.M. and P.M. hours. Knowing this difference is crucially important when booking the flights as you will learn in the blog post "How To Book the Best Flight Deals to Thailand'.

In the picture: An explanatory image clearly showing the difference between A.M. and P.M. hours

Example: Let’s say you are leaving Europe for Thailand on the 19th of March at 1 p.m. And let’s say that your flight (all together with a layover) takes 13 hours.

Thus, your flight arrives to Thailand on the 20th of March at 8 a.m. in the time zone in Thailand.

The 20th of March at 8 a.m. in Thailand = the 20th of March at 2 a.m. in Europe

Please note that flight departure and arrival times are always expressed in the local time zone on airline tickets.

Now that you know exactly when, in this hypothetical example, your flight arrives to Thailand, you can easily book your taxi / next flight / ferry or accommodation.

Mistake 3: Not Leaving Enough Time between Connecting Flights or Transportation

When you book a flight that already has a connecting flight as part of the flight arrangement, typically the flight operators arrange the connecting flights so that there is enough time to change the planes conviniently.

However, it sometimes happens that flight operators offer a much cheaper flight, but with a note that they disclaim responsibility if the time allowed for changing planes turns out to result in a missed second flight.

Maybe the connecting time turns out to be enough and you manage to get on a connecting flight and save a lot on a cheaper plane ticket. But, be aware that it is possible that you may not make it to the connecting flight. By choosing such a cheap flight, you risk whether you get on a connecting flight. This way, a cheap flight ends up being more expensive.

Check if the flight offered has this note before you decide to book it.

When booking separate flights or consecutive transportations on your own, make sure to leave enough time between the two flights or transfers. Count on possible delays, crowds at airports and similar unforeseen situations.

Example: Let’s go back to the hypothetical example above. Now you have already arrived from Europe to Bangkok on the 20th of March at 8 a.m. local time.

You want to go to Koh Phangan from Bangkok. My warm suggestion is to leave:

  • total of 2 hours to arrive, potential delay in arrival, passing through passport control, potential crowds and bag collection
  • an hour if you need to go to another airport or half an hour if your flight is from the same airport so you just need to go to another gate
  • 2 hours to check in for a new flight

Total 5 hours. Thus, your next flight should be at 1 p.m.

Mistake 4: Choosing the Wrong Airport

In this blog post, you learned that typically, the most affordable way to book flights is to first book a major flight to the largest airport in the capital, and then book a domestic flight from the capital to your desired destination in that country.

Remember to check how many airports there are in the capital in question. It may happen that you arrive at the main, international airport, and have a domestic flight from another airport, the domestic airport.

Example: Let’s use the good old hypothetical example from the previous paragraphs again. You arrived to Bangkok from Europe on the 20th of March at 8 a.m. to the main, international airport in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport.

You have booked a connecting flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani, from where you will take a ferry to your desired destination, Koh Phangan.

Check where your next flight departs from: Suvarnabhumi International Airport or Don Mueang Domestic Airport.

First, try to find a flight that suits your schedule from the same airport so you don’t have to go to another airport. If there is no such flight, look for a flight that suits your schedule from another airport.

Don’t worry, at least in case of transfer between the two airports in Bangkok, you can book an extremely comfortable and affordable taxi service HERE. The ride takes about an hour.

Mistake 5: Different Baggage Allowances

When choosing your flights, make sure that you are getting the same baggage allowances on all selected flights – that is, both departing and returning flights.

Example: You found a super cheap flight deal. You triumphantly book that cheap flight all happy because you saved money. And then, to your shock, on the return flight you are told that your baggage is not included for that flight. Then you are offered the option to pay extra for checking in your baggage. And once again… that cheap flight turns out to be more expensive in the end.

Also, pay attention to the allowed weight of checked baggage on different flights.

Example:  On your first flight you have a baggage allowance of 25 kg / 55 lbs. But on your next flight you have a baggage allowance of 20 kg / 44 lbs. The solution is to either find another flight on which the baggage allowance is the same 25 kg / 55 lbs on all connecting flights, or to pay extra for the excess baggage weight on the connecting flight, or to simply make sure that your baggage that does not weigh more than 20 kg / 44 lbs on the first flight.

Mistake 6: Choosing a Flight that Departs or Arrives at Night

This situation is another classic example when seemingly cheap flights turn out to be more expensive.

Example: You found another super cheap flight deal. And again, you happily-naively book that cheap flight. But then the next awkward situation happens…

You acknowledge that your flight departs or arrives at the desired destination at night. The problem in this situation is that transportation from or to the airport at night is typically significantly more expensive. To make the situation even worse, it can happen that there is no transportation at all! In this case, you will have to book a room in a hotel near the airport until the next morning.

Once again… a cheap flight ends up being more expensive.

Mistake 7: Flight Arriving after the Last Transportation Option for the Day

This scenario is closely related to the mistake number 6. I mention this one separately to draw your attention to the fact that even if your flight does not arrive at night, but rather in the late afternoon, it can also mean that the last train / bus / ferry / taxi to your desired destination has already left.

Example: The last ferry from Surat Thani leaves at 4 p.m. In order to get to that ferry, it is necessary to take a flight that arrives to Surat Thani no later than 2 p.m.

Always check when the last local transport that you need to take consecutively after the flight is. Only with that checked information in mind, choose the right flight.

Mistake 8: Incorrect Data in the Flight or Transportation Booking Reservation

This mistake is probably self-explanatory, so I believe there is not much more to say. I will briefly elaborate, because it might serve as a useful remind, especially when booking overseas plane tickets (read – pricy!) is in question.

Please check carefully that you have entered every letter of your personal information correctly in your plane ticket or transportation ticket reservation, before making the final payment of your booking.

How to Book the Best Flights to Thailand

Now that you are aware of the most common mistakes that inexperienced and uninformed travelers make when booking flights and transportation, you are equipped with tactics to easily book your flights and transportation hussle-free and correctly. Congratulations!

In this blog post you will learn how to book the best flights to Thailand. If you have graduated from that blog post as well, then you are more than ready to book your beautiful trip.

'Travel to Thailand Tips' is a comprehensive travel booking platform for traveling to Thailand. At our platform visitors can seamlessly book all the services they need for their trip, including flights, accommodations, activities, and more, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience to the Land of Smiles.

In the picture: The image of the booking page at the Travel to Thailand Tips

My Personal Experience with Flight and Transportation Bookings

You may be wondering where did I get all this wisdom and self-confidence to give advice to inexperienced and uninformed travelers?

I am more than happy to answer your question!

Out of the listed 8 mistakes, I made 5! Not only did I made them, but I also repeated some of them, just to confirm the lessons. (I am trying to make a joke, please laugh.)

In addition to all the mistakes I made, I have behind me experience in booking my own flights and transportation since 2000.

At least I turned every mistake into a lesson that I am now sharing with you. I believe that after reading this blog post, you are officially an experienced and informed traveler who will easily and correctly book your flights and transportation. Congratulations!

Marina from 'Travel to Thailand Tips' with her luggage at the airport in Bangkok, giving a personal touch to the blog post 'Avoid these Flight Booking Mistakes'.

In the picture: 
Me at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, March 2024

Conclusion: Avoid Typical Beginners Mistakes and Book Your Flights & Transportation Like a Pro

You learn from mistakes, you gain experience when you no longer need it. Hehehe… just kidding. It’s true that almost everyone makes some mistakes in their first attempts to book a trip. This happens normally when people do not have the information and someone more experienced to draw their attention to the typical mistakes that should be avoided.

Fortunately, once you become aware of common mistakes, you can easily avoid them. From now on, I believe you will know how to book your plane tickets and other transportation like a pro!

I hope this article was useful to you. Thank you for stepping by on my website. 

If you have any further comments or questions, please free to leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to reply!

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